Dotsimply concept

Keep things simple, functional, modular and attractive

Collaboratives Solutions

DOTSIMPLY collaborative solutions are software packs specially designed to simplify and optimise data collection, processing and sharing between users as well as reporting and communication.
Our tools have been developed by the ALEAUR company and have been used since 1997 by organisations of all sizes in the sectors of Environment, public debate, teaching and more recently in the sector of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our tools have been conceived from the beginning to optimise our clients' activity.

The efficiency of our solutions is based on a "user-friendly" ergonomics which ensures access to key features in just a few clicks. Our quest for simplification does not happen to the detriment of features. Conversely, we offer by default modules enriched with innovative tools as regards data collection and processing by user profile as well as data mapping.

The intuitiveness of our softwares enables to reduce training needs and to make the implementation and the deployment of the solutions easier.

SaaS turnkey solutions

The softwares making up the DOTSIMPLY solutions are supplied in SaaS mode (Software as a Service). Available on the ALEAUR Cloud, the DOTSIMPLY modules are real software bricks that can be activated and customised at will. Thanks to its structure, it has a strong interoperability with all network systems.

The DOTSIMPLY offer consists in offering you the implementation and the potential adaptation of the tools to the specificities of you project as well as the subscription to a service including :

  • softwares' use,
  • technical support and assistance to the use of softwares,
  • corrective and progressive maintenance,
  • hosting on the ALEAUR Cloud,
  • data back-up and protection.

The supplied tools enable to benefit from a reliable solution , always compatible with last technologies and really progressive as regards features as well as the capacity to manage scope changes and volume variations.

Regardless of the number of users who may use the service, our offer enables to reduce and flatten implementation and operating costs and to free ourselves from :
  • problematics regarding installation and compatibility of softwares
  • hardwares management constraints
  • problematics regarding softwares' maintenance
  • resources' maintenance of competency management

The SaaS DOTSIMPLY offer contractually guarantees the high availability of application solutions as well as data security and enables the final user to benefit from quality service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.