Implementation of solutions

A method ensuring deadlines are met and a solution in keeping with your expectations.

Project management

When a project is launched we appoint a project manager who will be the special contact of your own project manager. They will be responsible for piloting and carrying out the project following a specific work methodology.

This methodology enables to cover all operations concerning analyses, design, configuration, support with internal implementation and assistance in using the tools.

At the end of each stage a validation meeting is organised and one or more deliverables are presented, inducing to move on to the next step.

The steps are divided this way :

  • Audit of the current situation and definition of the methodology to recover data
  • Initial analysis and definition of the specifications
  • Implementation and potential customisation
  • Data recovery and integrationa
  • Internal tests and quality control
  • Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT)
  • Delivery and acceptance testing of the solution
  • Skills transfer and training plan
  • Verification of Regular Service (VRS)
  • Validation of the solution

Quality Assurance

A quality assurance plan is established for each project and co-signed by both parties. This document enables to ensure that the project is progressing well, to set the modalities of information exchanges and project monitoring, and to guarantee the quality level of the services provided.

It is practical by all the protagonists and defines the organisation of the project by marking out :

  • The different actors'roles and responsibilities
  • The tasks to achieve and the deadlines
  • The resources
  • The procedures

This document includes in particular :
  • Quality goals' definition
  • Development's organisation
  • Quality organisation
  • Progress reports' structure
  • Processes of delivery and acceptance testing
  • Acceptance testing delivery modes
  • The description of the documents delivered
  • The terms and conditions regarding maintenance and treatment of your requests

A project management collaborative tool

A project management interface is made available to you to optimise exchanges with our development team.

It enables in particular to :

  • Have remote access to the documents of the project
  • Monitor the progress of developments
  • Express a request for a modification
  • Provide additional details about specifications
  • Define the priorities and the phases of the project
  • Report a malfunction