Full web Technology

Simple and quick implementation of a solution available from any computer connected to the Internet

Non-binding solution

As our softwares are developed in a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) environment, it does not require any installation on clients' workstations and it is compatible with all Internet browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera...).

Our softwares are interconnectable and communicate easily by means of Web Services and/or connectors with other application systems belonging to the company's IT department, using or not the same programming languages.

The reliability of our softwares and its updates rests on the basis of modules shared by all the solutions deployed.

Each optimisation is automatically offered and deployed on all projects.

Our clients benefit from the pooling of functional and technical enhancements and from the pooling of efforts made to correct potential bugs. The client can refuse the activation of technological developments on a case-by-case basis.

Evolutions regarding browsers are automatically taken into account and compatibility is guaranteed for all softwares' basic features. The developments required to implement this compatibility have no budgetary impact.

As our solutions include the availability of software and hardware resources, the client does not have to be concerned about compatibility issues between softwares and server systems.

ALEAUR is the unique contact as regards quality of service (accessibility and performance are related to the same contact).

Customisation and adjustment

Our modular tools are able to combine standard functions and specific business processes. Existing software modules combined with custom adjustment enables to build on tried and tested tools while benefiting from customisation.

Each module has configuration tools to adapt softwares to the specificities of each project. Tools are designed to fit users' needs. Users do not have to adapt to softwares' specificities.

Apart from graphically customise the interfaces, our solutions offer by default to incorporate your company's vocabulary into the tools.

Softwares are multilingual and available by default in French, English and Dutch. Some modules are also available in German, Hungarian and Estonian. As it has translating management tools, all modules can be translated into the language of your choice.

The implementation of a DOTSIMPLY offer includes :

  • the analysis of the quantitative and qualitative elements of you project,
  • the implementation and potential adaptation of the solution,
  • the recovery and the integration of your data,
  • tests and quality control,
  • training and support during the deployment period,

Know more about our implementation methodology and our approach.