dotsimply Collaborate

Manage and pilot working groups, optimise collaboration processes, involve collaborators or employees in a project and value them.

Action plans

Pilot processes in a simpler way with the actions online management feature

  • Centralise all actions in a single interface
  • Simply create actions, collaborate and generate the action plans that come out of it
  • Involve the teams and have an overview of the projects that mobilise them
  • Plan and master deadlines
  • Communicate efficiently with each other among the actors of an action
  • Analyse the results of an action and generate dynamic reports


Manage your documents online, from writing to publishing

  • Always keep one's documents available thanks to the electronic document management system (EDM)
  • Build an unlimited folders and documents tree view
  • Write documents with other collaborators following the different steps of a workflow
  • Configure alerts' receiving to be warned when a document or a folder has evolved
  • Modify files directly thanks to the online edition feature
  • Have a complete traceability of changes made to documents


Quickly and efficiently contact your partners, collaborators, clients and suppliers

  • Centralise contacts' details in a single interface
  • Customise the contacts' list and their sheets according to one's preferences
  • Quickly perform mass actions on a large number of contacts
  • Find a contact's details in just a few seconds
  • Send a mail directly from the interface


Plan and organise events, manage participation

  • Schedule appointments, meetings and events
  • Send invitations to a list of participants
  • Directly confirm one's attendance to an event from the invitation e-mail
  • Control if participants are present or absent, benefit from attendance sheets
  • Join documents and action sheets to an event
  • Share one's agenda with collaborators


Create discussion topics, exchange, react

  • Create and post an unlimited number of topics, messages and comments
  • Organise the discussion area by thematising topics
  • Configure alerts' receiving regarding topics, messages or comments in order to monitor their evolution
  • Send alerts and draw attention on particular posts

Social network

Promote contacts, exchanges, develop social links and team spirit

  • Benefit from a private and secure platform accessible with a personal account
  • Monitor one's network of contacts' activity
  • Share one's address book, documents, information, exchange on projects
  • Value users' involvement, skills and interests


Plan tasks, monitor their evolution and master deadlines for achievement

  • Centralise tasks and pilot them from a dashboard
  • Plan and allocate tasks depending on priorities and the availability of resources
  • Respect deadlines, monitor the state of advancement and be warned if the deadlines are not respected
  • Control deadlines with a Gantt chart
  • Benefit from a complete traceability about the information related to tasks