dotsimply Communicate

Websites, Intranet and Extranet sites' management.


Easily manage the contents of your website / extranet site

  • Write and shape contents without any knowledge in Html using a simple and intuitive content editor
  • Apply instantaneously a modification on a collection of pages thanks to a management system distinguishing content and shaping
  • Control precisely the access to contents for the different groups of users by defining easily complex secure patterns
  • Manage several sections of a website in different languages using a multilingual interface


Circulate important information and events

  • Create and publish a news item in a few seconds using a simple form
  • Write and shape contents without any knowledge in Html using a simple and intuitive content editor
  • Draw attention using special tools enabling to insert images, maps and links
  • Plan the uploading and expiration dates of the news items and benefit from a website always up-to-date


Manage your documents online, from writing to publishing

  • Always keep one's documents available thanks to the electronic document management system (EDM)
  • Build an unlimited folders and documents tree view
  • Write documents with other collaborators following the different steps of a workflow
  • Configure alerts' receiving to be warned when a document or a folder has evolved
  • Modify files directly thanks to the online edition feature
  • Have a complete traceability of changes made to documents


Plan and organise events, manage participation

  • Schedule appointments, meetings and events
  • Send invitations to a list of participants
  • Directly confirm one's attendance to an event from the invitation e-mail
  • Control if participants are present or absent, benefit from attendance sheets
  • Join documents and action sheets to an event
  • Share one's agenda with collaborators


Circulate targeted information and measure your e-mail campaigns' impact

  • Customise your mailings using templates adapted to your targets
  • Manage mailing lists and returns due to errors
  • Benefit from mailings' traceability
  • Measure and analyse your mailing campaigns' effectiveness